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Mar 14, 2013 7:00am PDT
energy, great focus and she's doing amazing. >> are you allowed to vote if you're under 13? >> are you allowed. >> yeah. >> because you will crush it. >> our kids are going crazy over you. >> my daughter cannot wait to meet you. she thinks you are pretty much the coolest thing on the planet >> that's awesome. so cute. i got to meet her. >> well, you are, of course, on "shake it up" on disney and we have some video showing you doing a little hip-hop. you definitely got some moves. now, are these going to translate on the dance floor, val, zendaya? tell us what you think. >> hmm. >> see, here's the thing, some people would assume that because i'm a hip-hop dancer, it would be easier for me to do this -- >> no, i don't assume that. i think it's very different, right? >> it's like -- it's basically doing the exact opposite of what i'm used to so not only am i kind of learning something from the beginning but i have to forget what i already know and what's already naturally in my body so everything i naturally want to do -- >> there we go. >> right there. >> he's all about form and poise. >
Mar 15, 2013 7:00am PDT
to be in the presence of. she brings such -- all that warmth and positive energy that you see in that piece. she brings that to the show and behind the scenes and in meetings. >> you really sense that. >> no, she's been a great addition to the show and is a dear friend. >> connected to the dancers like she does? >> yeah, i think it's inevitable that there will be some that you feel more of an affinity for that i think she mentioned rob is one case where he came in and in some ways he was the lesser known kardashian and then he -- that particular season he was on he had the best few months of any kardashian, frankly, yeah. >> he really was a star. >> yeah and he did transform himself on the show. it was pretty impressive to see. >> we've seen you with kirstie. >> kirstie, yeah. >> all right, thank you very much. >> am i leaving now? >> no, not yet. >> not ever. >> i was going to say is it something i said but clearly i said enough today. >> no, we want more and right now also on our "gma" heat index the one, the only honey boo boo. the world first met honey boo boo on "toddlers & tiaras" and viewers fel
Mar 18, 2013 7:00am PDT
on earth. she's got boundless energy and a love of sock skating. >> one, two. >> reporter: she's the sassy 7-year-old known around the world adds honey boo-boo. >> speaking of the daughter, she's mighty fierce. her family, self-proclaimed red necks. >> keeps you cold. >> reporter: they love food. >> the ribs. be the barbecue chicken. >> and the potato salad and baked beans. >> reporter: family, and fun. >> come on, come on, i need to hop on. no wonder the fun factory is her favorite place to play. a local arcade where people roller skate. but we did some sock skating. climbing around in this contrapti contraption. i don't know what i'm doing. she gave me her purposed bows to wear in my own hair. it was exhausting, even for me, with two little girls at home. she's not typical. >> i'm not typical! >> reporter: she likes to chant. ♪ honey boo-boo, honey boo-boo >> reporter: and sing. ♪ got me driving me crazy >> reporter: when does your belly decide to talk. >> belly decides to talk right now. >> oh, no, no, no. no belly talk today. >> reporter: what does the belly say. with the hit show
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3